Beginner Web Design & Development Mistakes You Should Avoid in 2018

A website is significant for a business to gain a foothold in the highly competitive market as it provides it an edge over its peers. But, the web design itself becomes tough for a lot of reasons as the simplest mistake can make it unattractive in the eyes of the audience. The web design company in Singapore assists the business people to overcome the problem with ease for the beginners. It avoids the common mistakes that a novice like you can create during the website design and development.

Mistake #1: Overlooking Business Goal

The most common beginner mistake while designing a website is the overlooking of the goal of a business. You may settle for a design forgetting the business goals. The Website Design and Development Singapore concentrate on designing a website that encompasses the goals and vision of the brand and company. This is quite important as your objective plays an important role in showcasing the products on your website as per the type of business.

Mistake #2: Pop-Ups and Modals

The other common mistake associated with the beginner web design is the frequent bombarding of popups and modals that can frustrate the user. A user surfing through a website needs to enjoy the content of the site before the popups appear. The Web Design Company Singapore can enhance the user experience by giving them a chance to click the advertisement without compelling them. It gives them ample time to perform their research and make the site popular.

Mistake #3: Overlooking The Need For Mobile Design

Many novice web designers never give priority to the design the website compatible with the mobile devices. With more and more users accessing the website with their mobile phones, you need to develop a website keeping the mobile users in mind. The Web Design Company Singapore can avoid the improper loading of website that results in users adjusting text. It will end the frustration and optimize the website across different platforms. Mobile website is quite important as it makes the users easy on accessing website on smartphone and this is good for SEO point of view. Google gives more preferences to the sites which are mobile friendly and they get good ranking on search engine result pages.

Mistake #4 Complicated Web Design

If you are new to website design, then you may think about having a website that reflects your creativity to the maximum. Although it is tempting to try innovative things that are different, it is not suitable for an ever-evolving website. The Web development company Singapore will design an exceptional website that is simple with the scalable option to evolve the site depending on the trend. The simplicity and innovative ideas should be blended in right proportion so that users find it the best to use.

Mistake #5: Too Much Graphics and Animation

The images and animation can attract the attention of the users to the site. But, overloading them can grate the nerves of the audience making them frustrated. So, the web development company Singapore makes a right use of animation and graphics without distressing the users. The site loading speed is another factor that you should look into. Site should be load quickly as users don’t want to wait and they have so many other options as well.

Mistake #6: Complex Navigation

Many websites make the site alluring, but do not focus on the navigation, which is the crucial aspect of web design. The Web Design Company in Singapore can develop web pages that flow seamlessly to improve the site’s usability. The ease of navigation can make users visit the site regularly to improve the website’s popularity.

The crux of the plight of many beginners in web designing lies at the approach as you may fail to realize the accessibility of the audience while designing. Many websites have botched their designs due to the creativity running astray. The website design and development Singapore focuses on offering the right guidance to the beginners that will prioritize the usability of the site. You will get a website that can allure users with its utility rather than the creativity.

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